The Washington Post Went OFF on Pilot Pete This Morning😱

This season of 'The Bachelor' has been pretty boring up until this week - and when Chris Harrison said it was going to be "the most dramatic finale ever", for the first time, he wasn't lying. Peter's mom instantly became the BIGGEST villain over the entire 18+ years of the show (or spinoffs).

What shocked most viewers was how much Barb literally HATES Madi - because she stood up for herself, rather than gushing about how much she loves her son, something Barb's favorite, Hannah Ann, did.

But 4 writers for the Washington Post said it best: "When tears and conflict are how love is modeled for you by your primary caregiver, you develop an anxious attachment lifestyle. Peter doesn't need a wife - he needs a therapist."

W O W.

Click on the link below to read the full article.

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