Video: Wendy Williams Under Fire for Joking About Drew Carey's Ex's Murder

Wendy Williams just doesn't know when to STOP.

She brought up to her audience that Drew Carey's ex fiancee, Dr. Amie Harwick, had been murdered over the weekend. It's reported by Too Fab that the well-known sex therapist died after a fall from a three story balcony, following an alleged assault by her ex-boyfriend, NOT Drew Carey - which by the way, she made very clear. In light of this, Drew Carey has cancelled tapings of "The Price Is Right" while dealing with all of this.

But when Wendy Williams decided to talk about the fall, she literally said, and I quote, "come on down!"...LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! She tried to make a joke and the audience sat there in complete silence.

Click play on the clip below and fast forward to the 10 minute mark and you'll see what we mean. Disgraceful.

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