Feds Release Olivia Jade's Fake Rowing Resume and It's A LOT

Everyone's favorite aunt, Becky, got into MAJOR trouble last year when it was found out that she had paid about a half million dollars to lie both of her daughters ways into college. She was caught along with others, but Lori Loughlin seems to be the only one (along with husband, designer, Mossimo Giannulli) who have yet to plead guilty.

Well now, the feds have released the documents upon which Olivia Jade's athletic accomplishments were fabricated. According to Perez Hilton, the document lists numerous rowing accomplishments going back YEARS, including gold medals, participation in college events, and the fact that her sister is already on the team...and even states that she "has been successful in both men's AND women's boats...WHAT?!

Below, is taken from the Boston Herald, which has copies of the resume:




Skill Set

– Awareness, organization, direction and steering


– 2016/2017 Head of the Charles-Boston

– 14th place – 2017

– 11th place – 2016

– 2015-2017 Head of the American-Lake Natoma

– 7th place – 2016, 2017

– 8th place – 2015

– 2015-2017 Head of the Lagoon-Foster City

– 2017 4th place

– 2016/2015 5

– 2016/2017 Women’s Varsity 8 boat, Men’s JV 4 boat

– 2016 Fault Line Faceoff, Bronze medal

– 2015-2017 Christmas Regatta, Silver medal

– USRowing Southwest Regional Junior Championships,

– Bronze – 2016

– Silver – 2015

– Marin Crew Festival

– Top 3 finish over the past 4 years

– San Diego Crew Classic

– Gold Medal – 2016

– Silver Medal – 2015

– Gold Medal – 2014

Sports Rowing programs:

– University of Washington, University of Florida, University of California, Los Angeles

USC has four boats which require 4 coxswains along with 2 back-ups. [REDACTED] would fill the position of our #3 boat. Her sister is currently on our roster and fills the position of our #4 boat. Division 1 rowing programs use scholarships for the oarsmen but rarely with scholarship a coxswain. Although [REDACTED]’s non-scholarship she is highly talented and has been successful in both men’s and women’s boats."

Photo: Getty Images

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