3 Dogs from Maryland Shelter Are in the Puppy Bowl!


Maryland is going to have three puppies in the competition MADE FOR EVERY DOG LOVER OUT THERE!

According to WJZ, three of the puppies in the starting lineup for 42 (!!!!!) puppies are going to the "Puppy Bowl" - and they're all from the Last Chance Animal Rescue in Waldorf, Maryland! AND WE CAN'T GET OVER THE TEAM NAMES! 19 week old Anise is playing for "Team Fluff" and 12 week old Gia and 16 week old Poppy are playing on "Team Ruff". THE TEAM NAMES, YOU GUYS❤️

To watch these little puppies compete for the "Lombarky" Trophy (COME ON!), it kicks off Sunday at 3pm!

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