Jonas Brothers Debut New Video with New Single, 'What A Man Gotta Do'!

The Jonas Brothers are starting 2020 off with a BANG...and no pants.


The Jonas Brothers have taken a 180 approach in what we're used to - and we absolutely love it. It sounds like a song that would be in a dance sequence in an 80s movie, and the video matches up to it and it's INCREDIBLE.

Nick starts off the video with wife, Priyanka, getting down to 'Risky Business', then Joe and Sophie have the actual dance number like the one from 'Grease' with Sophie playing both sides of Sandra Dee - fighting against herself for Joe's attention (and honestly - SAME, GIRL), and Kevin and Danielle, of course, re-create the iconic boombox outside of the window scene from 'Say Anything' - and the whole thing is SO much fun - you can see how happiness is radiating off of them - AND IT RADIATES ON OUR FACES TOO!

Watch below and tell us how much you love it!

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