Tearjerker: Boy with Autism Who Became Verbal Meets Hero Robert Downey, Jr.

Ellen DeGeneres. There are days where she just takes her show and just makes you bawl your eyes out while watching, but it's a moving thing.

Today is one of those days.

While Ellen is out on vacation, she let the man, the myth, the legend: Robert Downey, Jr. come in and host her show for her - and she had a special surprise.

A boy who lost the ability to speak at one year old and found out he was autistic at four, who is now ten, has become verbal, all thanks to an Iron Man helmet that he received as a gift at 6 years old. It allowed him to feel confident and within 24 hours, he got his voice back.

This incredible story brought the boy's hero together with him and our hearts are bursting.

Photo: Getty Images

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