DraftKings Investigating 'Bachelor' Contestant, Jade Tolbert, for Cheating

According to TMZ, DraftKings is investigating former "Bachelor" contestant, Jade Roper Tolbert, who won $1 million in a fantasy football event -and it all was triggered on social media.

TMZ stated that 'Roper submitted 150 entries -- the maximum allowed -- and one of her lineups ended up winning the $1 MILLION top prize...The problem ... fantasy football experts have pointed out an interesting wrinkle -- that her lineups seemed to be coordinated with her husband's 150 entries to maximize their chances of winning."

While it's being looked into, it's speculated that Jade and her husband, Tanner, who also appeared on the "Bachelor" series that it seems they had a 'mathematical advantage' - and she may not even end up winning anything at all.

Photo: Getty Images

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