Chris Evans Did the Most Chris Evans Thing at the Golden Globes Last Night

"Chris Evans truly is Captain America in every sense of the word," is a quote that was made by one of the producers at Marvel during the ABC special about the Marvel Universe, and nothing's ever been truer.

Chris has been known to be quite the gentleman at awards shows; he immediately went viral back in 2015 for jumping out of his seat to help escort Betty White on stage to accept an award (as if we couldn't be more in love with him).

Last night at the 2020 Golden Globes was no different. Chris and his BFF, Scarlet Johansson, came out to present the award for 'Best Actor in a Motion Picture', what the TV cameras didn't get, but a patron inside the venue DID get, was as they stepped to the side, Chris fixed Scarlett's dress so that it wouldn't look bad and yes. We swooned. Watch below at the cute moment.

Photo: Getty

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