Aaron Carter Has Accused Sister of Rape and Brother, Nick, of Abuse

Buckle up, kids because things have gotten a little crazy over the last few days, especially, with Aaron Carter on social media.

If you don't know (which honestly, means you've been living under a rock since the super late-90s), Aaron Carter hit the music scene and blew up, marketed as Nick Carter's (of the Backstreet Boys...just in case you literally have NO idea) younger brother. Aaron released 3 platinum albums, touring with the Backstreet Boys at the start of his fandemonium with "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" selling 3 million copies in the United States alone.

He went about 15 years before he released new music, which came in 2018.

Over the past year, Aaron has made it clear that he doesn't talk to his older brother or any of the Backstreet Boys any more, but the last week he's been taking a LOT of digs at the group, the most clear being an Instagram he posted of him wearing an *NSYNC shirt and singing their song, and the caption basically telling the Backstreet fans to F off, that you can see below:

But then, things got more interesting.

The Backstreet Boys ended their mega-successful DNA World Tour on Monday and the very next day, Nick posted this on Twitter (and it was the first time he's said something publicly, about Aaron, in years.

Which, of course, Aaron has been responding to for DAYS on Twitter (we would embed something here, but it's honestly DAYS worth of tweets that you can read on his actual Twitter, HERE).

The biggest bulletpoints of the Tweets so far are:

  1. Nick, and Aaron's twin sister, Angel, have both filed restraining orders against Aaron after he allegedly told Angel over FaceTime that he has thoughts of killing Nick's unborn child and pregnant wife, Lauren Kitt.
  2. Aaron went on 'The Doctors' TV show, which honestly saved his life 2 years ago. He claims he's been sober, but has to take medications based that he suffers from multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety, and manic depression. He smokes weed to keep everything in check.
  3. He owns guns. Multiple. A lot of which, he inherited after his father passed away a few years ago.
  4. Aaron has also been in constant contact with two women, Melissa Schuman and Ashley Repp, two women who have accused Nick Carter of raping them; Aaron claims that after going Instagram live with Melissa, that's when Nick filed the restraining order.
  5. As of this morning, Aaron has also accused his sister who passed away years ago due to drug abuse, Leslie, of raping him as well as 2 of his backup dancers when he was 8, and abuse by Nick his whole life.
  6. As of this morning, Aaron has also turned over 2 of his guns to cops, in his words, "
  7. He's also accused his twin, Angel, of smoking weed while breastfeeding her baby, and is calling for a drug test.

Honestly, we're not sure what to believe at this point.

A LOT has continued to come up. Aaron swears he's not lying. Nick hasn't spoken any more on the issue. It's no secret, while the Carters have had plenty of success in their professional life, we don't know them personally. There's two sides to every story. We just hope for the best for both parties.

We'll try and keep y'all updated as this continues to develop.

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