Pres. Bush 3 Days After 9/11: "I Hear You..The Rest of the World Hears You"

Waking up on September 11th is never fun. Not since 2001 anyways.

It's hard to believe that's been 18 years since America got attacked in what was, four coordinated attacks in the biggest mass terrorism act in history. Manhattan, New York, Arlington County, Virginia, and Stonycreek Township near Shanksville, Pennsylvania were forever engrained into history that resulted in 2,996 deaths throughout.

I was in fourth grade when a school assembly was called into play and we watched as planes flew into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and beyond. We watched President George W. Bush take control over a situation that was bigger than him, bigger than the terrorists, bigger than anything that history had ever witnessed.

One of the most memorable moments throughout the clean up was 3 days after the attacks, was when our President arrived in New York and gave a speech with the NYFD Chief on top of rubble. Watch below the powerful speech and may we #NeverForget.

God bless America.

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