Thrillist Made A List of the Best DC Food Trucks...and Where to Find Them!

When I think of Washington, DC I automatically think of the national mall - ya know...all the free museums, scooters and bikes to rent...but most importantly - THE FOOD TRUCKS.

I'm telling you right now if you say, "Hey want to go to a fancy restaurant or do you want to get a dirty water hot dog from a food truck?" 99% of the time I'm going to want the hot dog.

The food trucks are a delicacy in DC and everyone has their favorite, but Thrillist released a list of the BEST ones and WHERE to find them the link below and find them BECAUSE WE ARE!

  1. Swizzler Hot Dog Truck
  2. PhoWheels
  3. CapMac
  4. Timber Pizza
  5. Arepa Zone
  6. Captain Cookie and the MilkMan
  7. Puddin'
  8. Himalayan Soul Foods

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