Son Finds Mummified Baby Inside Late Mom's Freezer


Adam Smith, 37, discovered a mummified baby in his mom's freezer while cleaning out her house after she passed away.


Adam told media that he was always told that it was part of his mom's wedding cake. For 37 years he was told not to touch the box or do anything with it...and he said that even on her deathbed she wouldn't tell him what was in that box. Well, as he was cleaning her house, he opened the box and felt a food through the pink blanket. "It still had skin, hair and everything," he said. He thinks its the remains of a sister he never had.

He said that he also asked his mom throughout his life about the box but she would NEVER say anything about it. A relative apparently told him that she had given birth to twins, one still born, and the other was given up for adoption. He also said he thinks that maybe his mom did something to the baby and didn't want to tell anyone because she was afraid she'd get in trouble.

Police are now doing an investigation for DNA to see if Adam and the baby are in fact, related.


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