Long, Fake Toenails Are Apparently A Thing This Summer and...Yeah...NO.


Fake nails are fine ON YOUR HANDS.

Maybe it's just because feet aren't my favorite thing...but like...why.

WHY are people now going to salons to get fake, LONG toenails put on? Like honestly. How are they going to fit their feet into their normal sized shoes with these things on? If you're turned off by extra long FINGER nails how in the WORLD are you going to deal if you're out in public and you see toe nails that are pointed down at the ground, an inch or more off of someone's foot?!

You can do what you want. They're your feet. But don't be getting mad at people AKA MEEEEEE when I look down and stare at your weird ass feet.

Scroll down at your own risk.

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