Topanga Had A Baby Boy...and Boy Meets World Fans Will LOVE His Name!

Oh. My. HEART.

"Boy Meets World" was a staple show for me growing up and I still live by the motto: "if you don't love me how Cory loved Topanga, I don't want it."

Well, Topanga herself, Danielle Fishel, had her first baby over the weekend! While her and her husband, Jensen Karp, have been taking it easy, their baby came a month early, so he's currently in the NICU due to fluid in his lungs - but they're still celebrating as they should!

The couple revealed his name - Adler Lawrence Karp.

Now, while 'Lawrence' is in tribute to Karp's late father, as a "BMW" fan, I can't help but smile at the fact that that's also Danielle's character on the show, Topanga's last name.


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