First Glimpse of Sophie Turner in Her Wedding Dress + Jonas Wedding Party

We knew that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's wedding in France was going to be a BIG deal - I mean, obviously they weren't just going to have a Las Vegas wedding without their parents and that would be it. While they didn't have 50 (obviously not 50, but that's how they refer the number) weddings like Nick and Priyanka, Joe and Sophie said their nuptials on Saturday in front of their actual families this time - and we're getting photos!

Joe had a million groomsmen, but you can see pictured (as a Jonas fan I know almost all of them, because they're the OG Jonas Brothers bandmates - Greg "Garbo" Garbowski, John Taylor, Kevin Jonas, Phil McIntyre (manager), Nick Jonas, Frankie Jonas, Mike Deleasa (Kevin's wife's brother), Cole Whittle, and Jack "Flawless" Lawless - with another 2 that I can't make out in the photo, as well as Joe and Sophie's dog as the honorary groomsmen, complete in a tux and EVERYTHING (currently dying of cuteness).

And while we have zero official photos of Sophie's wedding party, we're positive it included Danielle Jonas (Kevin's wife), Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Nick's wife), and Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones actor, Sophie's best friend).

But here's a first glimpse of Sophie in her white dress - and we're waiting for that People Magazine cover, due to drop any second now!

The Jonas's were out in full force - grandparents, siblings, parents, and Priyanka is even seen wiping tears from her face!

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