Lil Nas X AND Billy Ray Cyrus Lit Up the BET Awards Last Night🔥

The song that wasn't supposed to be...became THE song that kids and adults alike are in love with.

When Lil Nas X first dropped "Old Town Road" people took it as a joke. Matter of fact, some refused to play it because it "wasn't a country song." Then, Billy Ray Cyrus stepped in.

The "Achy Breaky Heart" singer heard the whispers of this song not getting the play it deserved and he put his own spin on it, saying that if country wouldn't play it because "it wasn't country," then he'd make it country.

With "Old Town Road" becoming such a hit, they've performed it everywhere from elementary schools to Coachella...and last night, Billy Ray Cyrus seemed to be the most popular person at the BET Awards - watch below for the best performance of this song yet, as well as a little dance number from Billy Ray!

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