Penny is a 14 year old who needs a home!

It's really sad to walk into Humane Rescue Alliance and realize that so many dogs over a few years old are very rarely considered by people as an adoptable pet... but the old ladies and men need a loving home too!

Penny is 14 years old. Her owner had to go to a senior living facility, which meant Penny went to HRA... but when I met her, she never once sat down. She wanted to explore and walk around and stretch those legs! So let's find her someone who can let her do that!

CLICK HERE For her official page or just get to the Oglethorpe St location ASAP! [ALSO! If YOU'RE over the age of 50, her adoption fee is completely waived! Save a girl for free!]

ALSO! Last week's Babe is still available! She's only 3 years old and crazy sweet. Check out SALLY!