Spice Girls Manager:"We Can Kick A World Tour Into Gear in 24 Hours Notice"

THE SPICE GIRLS' MANAGER HAS SPOKEN: "We can kick into gear in 24 hours notice."

Basically, when 4 of the Spice Girls said that they would tour the UK again, chaos insinuated and people started booking flights (trust me, if I had these disposable funds some people seem to have, I would've gone too). The Spice Girls kicked off their "Spice World" world tour...but I'm not even including 'world tour' in it, because that would mean they would be touring outside of the UK, and so far, they have NOT to my, and many others' dismay.

Simon Fuller, their manager, said that we would know "soon" if the tour will extend to other parts of the world. "That is really down to the girls. We can kick into gear at 24 hours notice. It was important for them to get back together and tour Britain, because there's such a connection. I'd say its 50-50; if it happens, great, if it doesn't then it's all been good."

I think I can speak for everyone my age saying that I WANT THE SPICE GIRLS TO COME TO THIS NATION'S CAPITAL.

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