Meet Oliver, the Great Lab Mix who needs a home!

I noticed a lot of extra-large dogs at Humane Rescue Alliance today. Normally I go for the apartment-friendly sized Babes just so that they can appeal to everyone, but I had to show off one of the "horses" in there right now. My pick: Oliver.

He's only a year old and was brought here by someone who moved from Texas, but then had no room for him. [Which makes total sense because housing here compared to Texas... that person was probably in shock.] Oliver is a mix of a lazy/homebody Great Dane and a typical lab puppy who is curious and wants to learn and play. He didn't bark one time when seeing several other dogs, so you won't have to worry about that. Just give him plenty of time to smell everything everywhere.

Check out his official page here, or just go visit him at the HRA- Oglethorpe location! He'll have my EB's Babes sticker on his window!