The Kinder Bueno Bar is Coming...Basically a Nutella Twix SO SAVE THE DATE

The Kinder Bueno Bar is coming to the United States AND I'M NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED.


Let me break this down for you: it's a milk (or white) chocolate covered wafer filled with a creamy hazelnut filling and drizzled with dark chocolate...and it is as heavenly as it sounds and looks according to Delish.

The Kinder Bueno bar is the #3 best selling bar in Europe and $6 best selling bar GLOBALLY...SO IT'S ABOUT👏🏼DAMN👏🏼TIME👏🏼IT COMES TO THESE HERE UNITED STATES.

We'll have to wait until November BUT they're also debuting their Tic Tac X-Freeze (50 percent larger than the original Tic Tac, with cooling crystals) to hold us over in September.


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