Guess Pringles' New Mystery Flavor and Win $10,000!

A brand new Pringles flavor is hitting the shelves - but ONLY available at Walgreens.

If you correctly guess the flavor, and get it 1000% correct, you can win $10,000! It's only available until July 30th, but you'll have until August to submit your guess.

Delish says that some of Pringles’ former limited-edition flavors include Jalapeño Bacon, Sweet Chili Tango, and Jamaican Jerk. So, again, think outside the box and get specific. Just to help you out,Top Ramen Chicken Pringles already exist, so we bet that’snot the Mystery Flavor.

Head on over to your neighborhood Walgreens for your allergy meds and 5 cans of Pringles. Can you imagine winning?!

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