Priyanka Chopra Reveals Details about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Wedding

Last week was a big week for the Jonas Brothers: they were performing at their first awards show in a decade (and KILLED IT BTW), after the Billboard Music Awards, Joe Jonas and fiancé, Sophie Turner, went down to the chapel and got married by Elvis, with ring pops, and a pink Hummer limo.

It was the most Joe Jonas thing he's ever done and I LOVE IT.

Joe and Sophie's sister-in-law, Nick's new bride, Priyanka Chopra revealed a little about the wedding, which she described as "so Jophie" and confirming they will, in fact, have a bigger, actual planned ceremony this summer. She also revealed that the Jonas family handed out little black invitation cards to everyone at the BBMA's during the show and artists came and filled the room!

So yes, it was THAT random and THAT cool.


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