Emilia Clark Hilaroiusly Admits It Was HER Coffee Cup on 'Game Of Thrones'

It was the disposable coffee cup that was seen 'round the world - and we're STILL talking about it. Who knew that ONE DISPOSABLE COFFEE CUP COULD CAUSE SO MUCH DRAMA.

Emilia Clarke posted a photo on Instagram of herself, Peter Dinklage, and Jason Mamoa blaming herself for the misplaced cup with the caption, "Did I just stumble upon the truth here?! The cup bearer does not drinketh the Starbucks tea... oh and this ain’t a spoiler just a lost wanderer coming home for a mid filming cuppa....🔥 @prideofgypsies you so fire you make my hair turn blue. #forfuturereferenceileavethebagin #drogonyouhavemyheart4lyfe #familyvalues @gameofthrones #forthethrone #forthecaffeine #forthedragons #🔥 #🙌 #❤️"

Obviously, it was a tiny mistake that the world made into a friggin' MOUNTAIN, but if you can't joke about something like this JUST LET THEM HAVE THEIR CAFFEINE LOL!



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