Chris Evans Gets Praise for Being Real-Life Super Hero to Kids with Cancer

If you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame, then you haven't been completely satisfied yet, wholeheartedly heartbroken at the same time.

Chris Evans IS Captain America. He's embodied every quality that the popular comic book character has grown to be - and in real life, he raises money and spends time with kids in Boston at "Christopher's Haven."

For almost 20 years, "Christopher's Haven" has been helping provide housing to children and their families as they receive cancer treatment in the Boston area, per GMA.

To help raise even more money, he bets with his famous co-stars like Chris Pratt on sports games, and if their respective team loses, the deal is that the other actor joins the other, in costume, to the children's hospital of their choice - and even though Chris Pratt's team lost, both he AND Evans dressed as their popular Marvel characters and visited BOTH hospitals, on their own dimes.

Real life superheroes, indeed.

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