Backstreet Boys Gave Roses To Their Wives On Stage At Last Las Vegas Show

What started out at just an 9-show run turned into a 2-year, 81 show mega-show.

When the Backstreet Boys announced a short Las Vegas residency, many people laughed at it. But it didn't take long for the haters to shut up: the 9 shows sold out so fast, that they had to keep adding and adding shows in order to meet the high demand; the Zappos Theater (located in Planet Hollywood) had to often open its rarely-used balcony due to high ticket demand, something that just didn't happen with other headliners like Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears.

They normally would bring a fan (or a friend of the group) on stage during their smash hit "Shape Of My Heart" to be serenaded by all 5 Boys, but on the last night, they did something SUPER special. Each of them brought up their wives, who fans have grown to love just as much as the Boys themselves and the place went WILD.

So here's to the wives, Leighanne Littrell, Kristin Richardson, Leighanne Dorough, Rochelle Deanna McLean, and Lauren Kitt-Carter: thank you for sharing your men with the world. Y'all deserve just as much credit as the Boys get 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Backstreet Boys and their wives

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