Bride Ends Engagement Shoot, Photographs with Terminally Ill Father Instead

As a full-on, born and raised Daddy's girl...I can't even IMAGINE my dad having to look at me and tell me that he's terminally ill. Like, it tears me up just THINKING about it.

When Becky Carey had a photoshoot scheduled with her future groom, Matt, she found out that her father was about to move into hospice care. Instead of calling off the photoshoot, Carey came up with a brilliant idea: do a family photo session instead.

Carey donned her wedding gown and her US Air Force veteran father, Tim, wore his best blues and the photos couldn't have been more beautiful.

The best part? It was all done at her childhood home.

*edit: an earlier version of this story stated that it was the photographer's idea for the shoot.

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