STOP EVERYTHING: Ariana Brought Out Almost All Of *NSYNC For Coachella

If we can't get a full reunion, 4 will do!

Ariana Grande's performance at this year's Coachella, which fans were hashtagging #Arichella, was obviously going to include some big performer names.

Yes, she brought out Nicki Minaj, because hello. Of course. That was a given. She also brought out Diddy. Awesome!


Ariana did what every single 90s kid ever wanted, all we ever needed - so tell me how she did that - because she brought 4/5ths of *NSYNC, back together, choreography and all - to the Coachella stage.

They of course, performed "Tearin' Up My Heart" with Ari singing Justin Timberlake's part - the rumors flying is that he had JUST finished his "Man Of The Woods" tour, so that's why he wasn't there - but honestly, the performance was still FIRE.

*Can I insert a joke that JC finally got his moment to shine since Justin wasn't there? No?*

IN ADDITION: The 4 remaining members of *NSYNC are reportedly considering a full-fledged reunion, with or without Justin, according to HollywoodLife. OH PLEASE DEAR GOD PLEAAAASEEEEEE.

Watch my childhood heart EXPLODE below.


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