Meet Elijah, a one year old bundle of energy!

This week we have ELIJAH! He was introduced to me as "the goodest boy" at Humane Rescue Alliance! He's only a year old, so he has that energy! He's great with humans and other dogs though! They even use him as the dog to see if other dogs will be dog-friendly. So if you have a home to give him, maybe with a bonus friend!, check him out online here or at Humane Rescue Alliance ASAP!

Here's his official bio:

Hello everyone! I'm Elijah and I am so excited to meet YOU!! I love meeting new people, especially if they let me lick their face. My buddy Glory and I came in together as strays, but now we are looking to find our new human (or humans!). I am a charismatic pup, who will do anything for treats. My perfect day would consist of me and my new human, finding other fun pups to have a play date with.