Billie Eilish Sampled 'The Office' for Her Debut and the Creators Love It

Billie Eilish is making quite the splash with her debut full-length album - so much so, that her entire first-ever headlining tour is sold out.

The recently released album, 'When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?' features a song, 'My Strange Addiction', which samples dialogue from one of the most popular episodes of The Office, 'Threat Level Midnight.'

Since the release, fans of both Billie and The Office are in love with it. The reason for it being in the song? Eilish says that The Office is her 'strange addiction' - and she has gotten praise from both co-executive producer of season 7, Daniel Chun, and BJ Novak, who played everyone's favorite character they wanted to smack in the face every time he opened his mouth, Ryan.



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