Cheetah Girls and Real-Life BFF's Sabrina and Kiely Sing Lullaby


Let's rewind: in the last month we've gotten a Jonas Brothers reunion, new (NUMBER ONE) Jonas Brothers song, Miley Cyrus has cut and dyed her real hair to reflect Hannah Montana, and NOW two of our favorite 'Cheetah Girls' (who just happen to be real-life best friends - seriously, they were each other's 'maid of honor''s in each other's weddings in the last two years) are singing lullabies to Kiely's daughter to help her sleep over FaceTime.

Not exactly a 'normal' lullaby, but the Cheetah Girls' biggest hit, "Cheetah Sisters", and the internet is freaking out.

Don't expect a full-on Cheetah Girls reunion because Raven didn't even do the third installment of the movies, but these two truly are "cheetah sisters" for life and we're happy crying.

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