Idol Group Wears Blind Glasses to Understand Teammate in Emotional Tribute

One of the most memorable auditions from this season of 'American Idol' so far, is Shayy from Midlothian, VA who had the judges in tears during her incredible audition.

Shayy, walked in with a cane - a year earlier she realized she couldn't see the white board in her classroom, and she went to the doctor to discover she had a brain tumor. While surgery saved her life, the tumor took her sight.

Fast forward to Hollywood Week - she got partnered up with 3 other people she didn't know, to a song she didn't know all of the words to and got overwhelmed because she couldn't read the lyrics. Her mom took her into a quiet room for about an hour to help her learn the lyrics to, undeniably, the biggest boyband song in history - "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys, and when she came back, the quartet hit the stage with the most memorable group effort of the week - not only for their vocals, but because the other 3 members slipped on 'Blind Glasses' near the end of the song so that they could literally be "all in this together" to understand the struggle that their teammate deals with on the daily.

Make sure to have tissues for this one.

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