Don't Stop 'Em: The Jonas Brothers Are Shooting Their Next Video!

The fact that this is 2019 and I'm writing this story still blows my effing mind.

When the Jonas Brothers decided to officially break up in 2013 - I swear it felt like my life was over. When they announced they were coming back in 2019 - it's been with a vengeance - their first single, "Sucker" is getting HUGE airplay as well as having 84 MILLION views on YouTube and 106 MILLION plus streams on Spotify alone, has hit number on Billboard, iTunes, as well as being GOLD in Australia...

Let me just stop and calm down because I'll write about this all day.

EITHER WAY: Kevin, Joe, and Nick are in Miami shooting a new music video and we are HERE👏🏼FOR👏🏼IT 👏🏼

Back to your regular Monday✌🏼

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