Lori Loughlin Not Expected to Return for Last Season of 'Fuller House'

See, now this is starting to just snowball everywhere.

First, Hallmark cuts ties with Lori Loughlin the day after the judge granted her travel throughout the US and British Columbia due to her filming schedule.

Then, Sephora cuts ties with her daughter who had a palette with them, Olivia Jade.

THEN, both Olivia and Loughlin's other daughter, Isabella, both withdrew from USC due to 'excessive bullying', which honestly doesn't come as a surprise. By them withdrawing, it also helped their case in not getting expelled from the school, so, yeah. It was smart.

Now, according to TVLine, there are no plans for Loughlin to reprise her role as everyone's favorite aunt.

Honestly, she's played a huge role in the reboot of the one of the most beloved and iconic sitcoms of all time, and they joked about Mary-Kate and Ashley not coming back the first 2 seasons, so we're not sure how they're going to handle this one.

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