The Jonas Brothers Drank Bird Saliva and Performed on 'The Late Late Show'

It's a Jonas Brothers fan's dream: first, they announce their comeback last week, immediately followed by a single and a brand new music video (which has already surpassed 50 million views!), but 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' has graciously given us a whole "Jonas Week" dedicated to the brothers and their comeback.

The first night was great with a welcome back skit, an interview, and a mentalist who blew everyone's minds. Last night, was a bit different.

The first part of the show had Kevin, Joe, and Nick play "Spill Your Guts" - and it's one of the most popular late night TV shows' games to be played. It's quite simple: you get asked a question, you don't answer it, and you have to eat whatever disgusting thing the wheel lands on. Except in the wake of the reunion, if they didn't answer a question, all 3 had to partake in the disgusting foods.

Once everyone got through that game (even just watching it was gross), the Jonas Brothers and James took back into the 'Year 2019', parodying their own hit, 'Year 3000' - with wigs that looked like their hair from 2006 and re-written lyrics. In other words: IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Watch below!

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