Meet Snoopy, a hound that needs a home!

This week when I went to Humane Rescue Alliance, it was extra impossible to pick just one dog to feature as my Babe of the Week [which you may have seen on my Instagram]... but something about Snoopy made me want to highlight her.

She's a hound mix, so she's got the biggest, softest ears, and so much curiosity. She didn't bark at all while I was with her [and plenty of other dogs were certainly doing so], and she loves a good human.

We're not totally sure how old she is, but she's got that first sign of grey on her face, so assume about 5.

Watch the video to see this girl who is so in her own world, but also in need of someone to join her there, then visit her at Humane Rescue Alliance on Oglethorpe St!

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