Jake Miller reflects on his opportunities with Mac Miller

What were you doing in high school? Did you have any goals you were trying to accomplish? Of course we all had some... whether it be making it through the day, seeing the cute boy in the hall, getting into college, or something bigger.

Jake Miller was focused on making music... and was the only one doing so in his super-large high school. Sure, a lot of the students were "probably making fun of him," but he didn't think about that. Jake thought about one of his idols, Mac Miller, and how he could make the dream of opening for him come true.

Some people would wait around for the "right opportunity or time" to come to them, but Jake was able to reach out to Mac and his team, show them they could bring the high school crowd to a show [whether it be haters or fans], and he opened two shows for Mac Miller in his hometown.

Now Jake is reflecting back on what he learned from Mac, and how he hopes to carry on "his spirit" in his own career/person.

It's all in the podcast below, where he's also talking about "JakeMillerOfficial" gross Snapchats that I received, making his new music in his bedroom, how he gets and keeps his 8-pack-abs, and the opportunities he's bringing to HIS biggest fans on his tour.

And about that new music, check out his latest single!

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