VIDEO: The Chainsmokers talk about their salary

The Chainsmokers have been all over the place for the past couple years, so it's no surprise that they're worth a lot of money... but how much are they worth? Are they worth as much as Forbes says they are? 

Drew had no idea he was on the Forbes list of Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30 until I told him at Jingle Ball. He was shocked, to say the least. Alex is over 30 so he never expected to be on there. 

We talked about how that list is maybe made, and who else in this world is making way too much money, like the unboxing kids on YouTube. Plus- whose lives are they obsessed with? What makes them feel accomplished? And how have all the things they've been through personally in the past year changed them and their music? 

Watch below! You'll also see Alex get a little upset about a number Drew has in his phone. 

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