VIDEO: Shawn Mendes feels accomplished

When Shawn Mendes came to the station for his first radio tour in about 2013, it was awkward. He knew it, I knew it, everyone knew it. He was a baby performer and still a little unsure about what he wanted to do. 

Now he's a grown ass man, talking about some grown things in Rolling Stone, and is rightfully confident in who he is and what he's doing. It's time he gets some serious recognition for this... so I gave him an award for the Biggest Glow Up of 2018. 

Shawn has his own words for how he's grown, and about the epiphany he had while watching Bohemian Rhapsody. As he's admiring the life that Freddie Mercury had, he realized he gets to do the same thing too! and the connection he makes with the fans every night is the most special accomplishment of his life. 

For added fun, we found out if he's Team In-N-Out or Shake Shack, and where his maybe-Grammy will go. 

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