VIDEO: Meghan Trainor plans her wedding

Meghan Trainor doesn't hold back much. If you want to talk about something she's passionate about, she'll get into it. You know what she's most passionate about right now? Her man, Daryl Sabara. Her fiance that will turn into her husband before Christmas.

As of December 10, she didn't have a dress. She had a wedding planner, the same planner who did Kim Kardashian's wedding, a location, and some ideas of what she wanted, but no dress. Luckily, as her wedding planner said, she was the easiest client. Meghan just wants a ton of lights and to be in her backyard, by her pool, surrounded by her family like she is every day. 

The night of Jingle Ball, Daryl went with her to this interview, her meet and greets, and stood by the stage dancing through her entire set. They are the epitome of the heart eye emoji when they look at each other, even when they're grossed out, which Meghan says is why they're soulmates. 

I also talked to Meghan about her anxiety, and how Carson Daly and others have helped her realize it's okay to talk about. We talked about make-up, played Truth or Dare Jenga, and shared hidden talents. It's all in the below video! 

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