Let's get AMELIA Adopted!

Our Babe of the Week is a sweet girl who I think has T-Rex arms. They're so much smaller than the proportion of the rest of her body, but it's what makes her cute and unique [on top of the fact that she chases her tail, runs silly, and loves to be next to a human when she's not running].

On her official page, they say this about the three year old who was left at a school: 

Amelia Bedelia? Amelia Earhart? Or Amelia Insert-Your-Last-Name-Here? It doesn't matter to me, just as long as I can be a part of your family! I can be a little shy at first so I prefer when you give me an opportunity to get used to you, but luckily it doesn't take very long (or very many scratches!) for me to decide that I like you! The best way to win my heart, though, is with playtime! I'm still a young girl and would love some training, but I'm told I have tons of potential--to be your best friend ever! Come on down today!

She's waiting for you to come meet her at the Oglethorpe Rd location of Humane Rescue Alliance!

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