You Don't Have To Go Up 13,000 FT. For Your Next Thrill, Just Head To iFly

In the immortal words of Donkey, "Shrek! I'm lookin' DOWN!"

On this episode of Javi In The Streets we took a trip to Gaitherburg to have some fun at the iFly indoor sky diving facility! iFly offers people the chance to experience the thrill of one of the coolest sports on earth, Bodyflight.

With a little training and the assistance of a certified flight coach, iFly will suit you up for an experience like no other. We had so much fun, and I’m scared of heights! Check us out:

iFly offers a variety of levels and experiences for anyone interested in Bodyflight, regardless of age and skill level! They even offer classes to help you hone your Bodyflight skills and abilities. You can check them out HERE.

iFly has several locations in Maryland and Virginia, including Montgomery, Baltimore and Loudon County. iFly is open Monday through Sunday, offering flight packages as low as $79.99!

Special thanks to the incredible staff at iFly Montgomery for helping me overcome my nervousness. I had a wonderful time and would absolutely recommend this thrilling experience to anyone! There is nothing light the feeling of flight.

You can check out all that iFly has to offer and more HERE.

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