Celebrate Pride in style with the Capital Pride Parade

“Every person’s life is composed of a kaleidoscope of extraordinary parts…”

June is National Pride month, and to celebrate, we took part in the Capitol Pride Parade and events in this episode of Javi in the streets. DC ranks #1 per capital for population identifying at LGBTQ+! There are Pride celebrations in cities across the nation, but DC has the largest free Pride celebration in America. From the parade to the concerts to the rallies, there are plenty of ways to take part in Pride, just check out how we celebrated.

And THAT was just the first weekend! There are events happening all throughout the month of June for people to celebrate. This years’ theme is “Elements of us”. The Capitol Pride Alliance explains that:

"Every person’s life is composed of a kaleidoscope of extraordinary parts, including identity, race, sexuality, gender, spirituality, experience, beliefs, goals, and so much more. These elements influence who we are and help sustain and balance us in what can be an otherwise perplexing and difficult world. Who we are also links us to each other and to our exceptional LGBTQ+ community."

This is a great opportunity to celebrate the different aspects of our lives that make us who we are. If, you are interested in learning more about the Capitol Pride Alliance, you can check them out HERE.

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