This DC Bar is the Royal Wedding Experience You’ve Always Wanted


Talk about “The Royal Treatment”!

With the royal wedding quickly approaching, what better way to celebrate Harry and Meghan Markle than to drink out of a tea cup with their face on it! We hit up the Royal Wedding Pop Up bar located on 7th street (right outside the Howard/ Shaw metro Station). This is the same company that did the Cherry Blossom Bar during the month of April.

This time around, The Drink Company is letting you get your tea and biscuits on with specialty drinks like the “Strawberry Cuppa”, or if you are feeling a little more romantic, you can go for the drink “Put A Ring On It” (it comes with a ring too!). My personal favorite was the “When Harry Met Meghan”, that comes in a tea cup with cute couples face on it.


The real gem is the throne room in the back, where you and your friends can pose with the royals or flaunt it on the throne like Queen Elizabeth herself!

Take a gander at their menu and all that the bar has to offer HERE.

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