Saudi Arabia Ends 35-Year-Old Movie Ban By Showing "Black Panther"

You can tack on another record to Black Panther's long list of box office records because it just became the first film to be shown in Saudi Arabian theaters in over 35 years!

Saudi Arabia first started banning theater screenings in the early 1980s as a way of observing religious values, but in December Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that the ban on theatrical movies was being lifted.

Yesterday the ban officially lifted as an AMC-branded theater in Riyadh screened Black Panther to a full house. You can check out what the screening looked like below.


Even though Saudi Arabia just allowed theater screenings it could be the next biggest foreign movie market because it has over 23 million citizens under the age of 30! So expect Black Panther to get even more money to add to its box office total!

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SOURCE: Comicbook


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