The Bachelor's Bekah M Was Blindsided About The Show Casting Arie

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Bekah M, contestant on Arie's season of The Bachelor, hasn't been silent about how she feels about Arie and everything that went down during the taping of the season. From leaking DMs he sent her to commenting on how long Arie and Lauren will stay together, Bekah M is the petty friend we all know and love. 

She took it to a WHOLE new level by releasing the casting photos she took to try to get included as one of the contestants. Just like everyone else in the world, she thought they would cast Peter as the next Bachelor. 

Goes to show, these girls really were disappointed about it being Arie. Wonder if Lauren, Arie's now fiancé, is bummed, too? 🤔

THESE ARE THE LENGTHS MY CHEESY ASS REALLY WENT TO FOR MY BACHELOR CASTING PHOTOS 😭😭😭 #Blindsided #DidntKnowWhatWasComing (this isn’t me hitting on ol’ Pete. He’s too busy cuddling with his dog and doing pull-ups or something)

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