Lauren B Was Engaged Right Before The Bachelor & The Registry Is Still Live

To make things even more *dramatic* for this season of The Bachelor, Lauren B was actually engaged before joining the show and becoming Arie's fiance. 

Most recently, she was engaged to a man named Chris Crane. The two were reportedly set to be married in July 2017, but they split. According to Reality TV, Crane is a professional hockey player. Reality Steve reported that Lauren B ended the engagement in December 2016. 

BUT, that's not even the best part. Their wedding registry on Crate & Barrel's website is still active 😂

Guess when you've been engaged to 2 different men before you've even hit the age to not get charged a young driver surcharge for a rental car, it's hard to keep up with how many wedding websites you still have active. 

Below is a pic of them celebrating July 4 together. 

Bachelor Fans Are Sending Becca K Money On Venmo - Thumbnail Image

Bachelor Fans Are Sending Becca K Money On Venmo

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