Margarita Weekend with Bonita

Happy Monday! I literally mean that and it's all because i made the perfect Margarita this weekend for girls night. At first, I didn't think Jalapeno Margarita's would be my thing  however, I wanted to try it because I am a risk taker and MY GOODNESS! Haha it was amazing and i am not even kidding and it literally wasn't high in calories or sugar. Check out my simple recipe and try and let me know what you think, i would love to know if your into margarita's and have other recipes to share.  

#1. Jose Quarvo Tequila 

#2. One Jalapeno, literally one slice depending how HOT you want it

#3. Sweet lime juice (Masters of Mixers Brand) only has 2g of sugar per serving and trust me you only need 1 serving 

#4  A tad bit of triple Sec 

#5  One  lime (A tad squeeze of fresh lime juice)

Shake it up and mix and THAT'S IT! Let me know what you think and taste the 

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