Learn More About #HOTJingleBall Artist Logic

If you haven't heard of Logic, then you have probably been hiding under a rock and you should watch the video below of him performing at the VMAs with Alessia Cara before you keep reading. 

Now that you're caught up on some pop culture. Here are a few facts to know about Logic before you come to #HOT995JingleBall:

1. He's from Gaithersburg, MD.

2. He's married to Jessica Andrea and they are major couple goals.

3. His Twitter handle is @Logic301 and he's so positive. You should follow him.

4. He has never been to a house party.

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun, he talked about his crazy work ethic. 

“I don’t do anything but just work hard,” he said in that interview. “I sacrificed a lot of things growing up. To this day, I’ve never been to a house party. All I’ve done since I was young, was hone my craft.”


5. He has two corgis and they both have their own Instagram accounts.

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