Dating App Badoo Wants To Help You Find A Celebrity Look-Alike

Plenty of people out there would love to date Selena Gomez, Zayn Malik or Drake and while dating app Badoo can't deliver the real thing, it is making an effort to deliver the next best thing. 

The Bumble partner website has recently launched a lookalike feature that will sort its 350 million users across the world to find those who resemble a favorite celebrity, friend or anyone else you happen to have a photo of.

Check out some of the celebrity look-alikes:

Justin Bieber: 848 look-alikes

Selena Gomez 1355 look-alikes

Zayn Malik 466 look-alikes

Harry Styles 399 look-alikes

Russell Brand 711 look-alikes

Kim Kardashian 87 look-alikes

Orlando Bloom 853 look-alikes

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