Meet the Oldest Woman to Complete a Half-Marathon!

94-year-old Harriette Thompson completes the 2017 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. Photo: Getty Images

Meet Harriette Thompson. At 94-years-old, she is the oldest woman to complete not only a marathon, but now a half-marathon as well!

Harriette, who is also a jaw and skin cancer survivor, completed the half-marathon portion of the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon this past weekend in 3 hours, 42 minutes and 56 seconds. To break that down even further, that is a 17-minute mile! Her most recent marathon that she completed was in 2015 in a total time of 7 hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds.

In an interview with NBC Sports, Harriette has said that she enjoys the atmosphere that comes with participating in the urban races "except when it's so loud I have to take out my hearing aids."

Way to go Harriette!

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